Futon Paper Logo


“Right time, right place, right people”


Written by Mencius a famous Confucian philosopher 2000 years ago, this underpins our history, our values, and our future direction.

Our Place

Headquartered in Lujiazui, Pudong since our inception in 1998, we are surrounded by Shanghai’s magical skyline of glittering skyscrapers. Fondly known as ‘The Pearl of the East’, Shanghai has undergone an incredible transformation over the past 20 years, and our business has grown and evolved with the city. Our location is within close proximity to our key manufacturing partners which allows us to manage order production with a hands-on approach.

Our People

It is our team that makes our company unique and forms the foundation of Futon Paper. We employ a skilled and diverse mix of professionals, united by a shared vision and ambition. Our team has been carefully hand-picked and have the practical skills and experience to uphold the Futon Paper commitment to delivering customer service excellence and our strong culture of trust is shared amongst our team, our suppliers, and our clients.

Our Product Range